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Celebrate Chinese New Year Eve in Singapore with Spectacular Entertainment: Hire the Best Acts from Singapore Lion Dancers

Welcome to Singapore Lion Dancers, your premier source for hiring the most captivating and authentic Chinese New Year Eve entertainment in Singapore. As a leading entertainment agency, we specialize in providing a wide range of traditional and contemporary performances that will make your Chinese New Year celebration unforgettable. From lion and dragon dances to cultural music and dance acts, our performers bring the festive spirit to life, ensuring a memorable experience for all your guests.


Why Choose Chinese New Year Eve Entertainment?

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is one of the most significant and widely celebrated festivals in Singapore. It marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and is a time for family reunions, feasting, and joyous celebrations. Chinese New Year Eve is particularly special, as it sets the tone for the festivities ahead. Hiring professional entertainment for your Chinese New Year Eve event adds a touch of authenticity, excitement, and cultural richness, making it a truly remarkable occasion.


Our Chinese New Year Eve Entertainment Options

At Singapore Lion Dancers, we offer a diverse array of entertainment options tailored to enhance your Chinese New Year Eve celebration. Our performers are highly skilled and experienced in traditional Chinese arts, ensuring an authentic and engaging experience for your guests. Here are some of the highlights:

Lion Dance Performances

The lion dance is an iconic part of Chinese New Year celebrations. It is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and ward off evil spirits. Our lion dance troupe performs with precision and energy, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of drums, cymbals, and gongs. The vibrant lion costumes and acrobatic movements captivate audiences of all ages.

Dragon Dance Performances

The dragon dance is another popular act during Chinese New Year. The dragon, symbolizing power and good fortune, is brought to life by a team of skilled dancers. Our dragon dance performances are visually stunning, with the dragon’s long, undulating body weaving through the crowd to the sound of traditional music.

Traditional Chinese Music

Enhance the ambiance of your event with live traditional Chinese music. Our talented musicians play a variety of instruments, including the guzheng, erhu, and pipa, creating a soothing and culturally rich atmosphere. This musical backdrop adds an elegant touch to your Chinese New Year Eve celebration.

Chinese Cultural Dance

Our dancers perform a range of traditional Chinese dances, including classical, folk, and ethnic minority dances. These performances showcase the beauty and diversity of Chinese culture, with intricate costumes and graceful movements that tell captivating stories.

Chinese Opera Performances

Experience the dramatic and colorful world of Chinese opera. Our performers bring to life the characters and tales of ancient Chinese folklore, complete with elaborate costumes, makeup, and expressive acting. This unique form of entertainment is both educational and entertaining.

Martial Arts Demonstrations

Add an element of excitement with martial arts demonstrations. Our skilled practitioners showcase a variety of styles, including kung fu and tai chi, combining strength, agility, and artistry. These performances are thrilling to watch and highlight the discipline and tradition of Chinese martial arts.

Calligraphy and Lantern Making Workshops

Engage your guests with interactive workshops where they can learn traditional Chinese calligraphy or create their own Chinese lanterns. These hands-on activities are perfect for both children and adults, providing a fun and educational experience.


Customizable Entertainment Packages

We understand that every event is unique, and we offer customizable entertainment packages to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are hosting a large corporate event, a community celebration, or a private gathering, we can tailor our performances to fit your theme and budget. Our goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience, from the initial consultation to the final performance.


Booking Process

Hiring Chinese New Year Eve entertainment in Singapore is simple and hassle-free with Singapore Lion Dancers:

Contact Us: Reach out via our website or phone to discuss your event details.

Consultation: We provide a free consultation to understand your needs and suggest the best entertainment options.

Customization: Select the type of performances and any specific requests for customization.

Confirmation: We finalize the details and confirm your booking.

Performance: Our performers deliver a spectacular show, ensuring your event is a success.


Why Choose Singapore Lion Dancers?

Experienced Performers: Our entertainers are highly skilled and experienced in traditional and contemporary Chinese arts.

Quality and Professionalism: We guarantee the highest level of professionalism and quality in every performance.

Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations and ensuring their event is a hit.

Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing to provide great value without compromising on quality.



Don’t just take our word for it; hear from some of our satisfied clients who have experienced the magic of our Chinese New Year Eve entertainment:

“The lion dancers from Singapore Lion Dancers were the highlight of our Chinese New Year celebration. Their performance was not only impressive but also brought good luck and prosperity to our event. Highly recommended!” – Helen T., Event Organizer

“We hired Singapore Lion Dancers for our corporate Chinese New Year Eve party, and they were fantastic. The dragon dance and traditional music created a festive atmosphere that everyone enjoyed.” – Richard L., Corporate Client


Contact Us

Ready to make your Chinese New Year Eve celebration unforgettable? Contact Singapore Lion Dancers today! Visit our website or call us to book our talented performers and ensure your event is nothing short of spectacular.

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Additional Information:

Chinese New Year Eve is a time of joy, tradition, and community. It is the perfect occasion to celebrate with loved ones and welcome the new year with hope and positivity. At Singapore Lion Dancers, we are dedicated to making your celebration special by providing high-quality entertainment that honors the rich cultural heritage of Chinese New Year. Here is a deeper look into some of our entertainment options:


Lion Dance Performances

Lion dance is one of the most anticipated performances during Chinese New Year. The lion, a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune, is believed to chase away evil spirits and bring prosperity. Our lion dance troupe is composed of experienced performers who execute acrobatic stunts and synchronized movements with precision. The performance is accompanied by the powerful sounds of drums, cymbals, and gongs, creating an exhilarating experience for your guests.


Dragon Dance Performances

The dragon dance is equally captivating, featuring a long, colorful dragon manipulated by a team of dancers. The dragon, often considered a symbol of strength and good luck, weaves gracefully through the crowd, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Our dragon dance performances are perfect for large venues and outdoor events, adding grandeur and excitement to your celebration.


Traditional Chinese Music

Traditional Chinese music sets the perfect tone for your Chinese New Year Eve event. Our musicians are skilled in playing traditional instruments, creating melodies that are both soothing and uplifting. The guzheng, erhu, and pipa are just a few of the instruments that add an authentic touch to your celebration. Whether as background music or a featured performance, traditional Chinese music enhances the cultural atmosphere of your event.


Chinese Cultural Dance

Our cultural dance performances include a variety of styles that represent different regions and ethnic groups of China. From the elegant and refined classical dances to the lively and colorful folk dances, our performers showcase the diversity and beauty of Chinese dance traditions. These performances are not only visually stunning but also provide a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of China.


Chinese Opera Performances

Chinese opera is a traditional art form that combines music, singing, acting, and acrobatics. Our opera performances feature elaborate costumes, intricate makeup, and dramatic storytelling. These performances are both entertaining and educational, offering your guests a unique cultural experience. Chinese opera is a great addition to any Chinese New Year Eve celebration, adding a touch of tradition and artistry.


Martial Arts Demonstrations

Martial arts have been an integral part of Chinese culture for centuries. Our martial arts demonstrations feature skilled practitioners performing a variety of styles, including kung fu and tai chi. These performances showcase the strength, agility, and discipline of martial arts, providing an exciting and dynamic element to your event. Martial arts demonstrations are perfect for engaging and thrilling your audience.


Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops are a great way to involve your guests in the celebration. Our calligraphy and lantern making workshops provide a hands-on experience that is both fun and educational. Guests can learn the art of Chinese calligraphy, creating beautiful characters with brush and ink, or make their own traditional Chinese lanterns to take home. These activities are suitable for all ages and add an interactive dimension to your event.


Enhancing Your Event with Authentic Chinese New Year Entertainment

At Singapore Lion Dancers, we take pride in providing high-quality entertainment that celebrates the rich traditions of Chinese New Year. Our performers are dedicated to their craft and strive to deliver performances that are both authentic and captivating. Whether you are planning a large public event or an intimate family gathering, our Chinese New Year Eve entertainment options are designed to create a memorable and festive atmosphere.